Are Your Roots Green?

Nearly fourteen years ago, three Black Hawk County families sat in my parents’ modest kitchen for the first meeting of the Big Cedar Springers 4-H Club. With approximately 10 members and a name that encompassed the township names of the club’s founders, a legacy began. Little did the new 4-H members know they were embarking on a journey of leadership, friendship, and life lessons.

Fast-forward the Big Cedar Springers 4-H Club to Black Hawk County Fair in 2014-my last year as a Black Hawk County 4-H Exhibitor and Member. The club grew in size and member interest over the previous 12 years. Members and leaders rotated in and out of leadership, community service projects were completed, and hearts were filled with joy and memories.

During my last year as a 4-H member, I learned the value of community and service.

During my last year as a 4-H member, I appreciated my club and the impact of volunteers.

During my last year as a 4-H member, I grew as a friend, community member, and leader.

4-H taught me lessons beyond keeping records while raising livestock or how to lead a meeting using parliamentary procedure. My experiences with 4-H helped me connect with other youth and find my niche as I began my education at Iowa State University.

Over the last year, I found that my passion still lies with 4-H and youth that choose to build their lives around dedication to learning and volunteerism. I am proud to apply my education as I return to Black Hawk County to help with another summer of day camps, project registration and fair week.

I am more than blessed to spend another summer with the wonderful youth and friends of Black Hawk County 4-H.

My roots are green, are yours?


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