Green Hands

May: School is ending for the year, the grass is green, and summer-energy is in the air.

Iowa’s summer months are met with excitement of youth as they trade their books and backpacks for a pair of flip flops and their favorite summer activities. With over two months until fair week, last-minute fair projects and blue ribbons are the last thing on the minds of Black Hawk County’s 4-H members.

Although the Black Hawk County Fair may be far from the minds of the families being served by the Black Hawk County 4-H Staff, we are working diligently to plan and prepare materials for project judging as well as to recruit area volunteers to help run the week-long celebration of our 4-H’ers.

At this moment in my internship, I am comfortably sitting at my desk in the Black Hawk County Extension and Outreach Office with the company of a 3-inch thick binder of notes and copies and a flash-drive that we like to refer to as our “everything” flash-drive (and some of my favorite coworkers, of course!). Although a binder and flash-drive may seem unimportant or easy to replace, let me assure you that these two items are my lifeline to the Black Hawk County Fair.

I have shared the last week with my coworkers and superiors updating our project entry website (for those in 4-H, entries are due July 13th!), improving evaluation forms, and solidifying plans for fair week.

Preparing for this event is more than creating time schedules and gathering supplies, each detail and activity is carefully thought-out and planned with the 4-H’er and their family in mind. The staff planning the 2016 Black Hawk County Fair has more than a combined 30 years of experience with the 4-H program, and that is excluding our life-long volunteers!

Planning this event is a reflection of dedication for Black Hawk County’s Staff, not a commitment. Our heads are always planning an additional activity, our hearts are in each detail, and our hands are green with love for 4-H as we grow closer to the 2016 Black Hawk County Fair.



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