4-H’ers Giving Back to Northeast Iowa

Can you imagine what 800 freshly hatched chicks sounds like?

At Black Hawk County 4-H, we are now familiar with the sound. The last day of May was filled with tiny chirps, yellow fluff-balls of new chicks, and smiles from 4-H’ers as they picked up their newest 4-H project adventure.

Our broiler chick project started several years ago and has grown phenomenally over the last several fairs.

How It Works:

4-H families sign up to participate in the broiler chick project in early May. By the beginning of June, they are receiving their chicks! At pick up, member pick up chicks in batches of 20, a bag of feed (with the promise of donating 4-5 chicks to the NEIA Food Bank), and water supplements for chicks for an investment of $20.00 per batch.

When members bring a pen of broiler chicks to the Fair’s Poultry Show in July, they are refunded their initial investment of $20.00.


Benefits of this project are numerous for the community as well as for the 4-H program.

Last year members donated 950 pounds of fresh chicken to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. This year the program’s goal is to donate over 1,000 pounds of fresh meat!This type of project also benefits our county 4-H program as it builds 4-Her involvement in the poultry project area and teaches life skills involved with raising and maintaining livestock.

It was a joy to help distribute chicks once again this year for the Broiler Chick Project. Helping 4-H members pick out their chicks and get started in a livestock project area was a great reminder of what the foundation of the 4-H Program: to provide learning experiences for youth.

Do you want to learn more about the Black Hawk County’s Broiler Chick Project and the positive impact it has on our community? Call the BHC Extension Office at 319-234-6811.





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