Lessons Behind a Chicken Headband

A mysterious process happens when a youth camp is just days away. You find your to do list that has mysteriously grown to page and a half long under a pile of sticky notes labeled “to purchase” and “volunteer interests”, you prepare yourself to greet a room of 5-10 year old participants… and you start making crafts.

Although the last step of the process sounds fun, it takes a certain amount of unashamed child-like excitement to have a quality end-product. Just last week, I found myself trying on a super-cool chicken headband craft (see the picture at the end of this post) I made as a demo for the camp. As I carefully adjusted it to my head, our Regional Director entered the office and let out a laugh as he asked how I was doing that day.

Slightly embarrassed, I quickly removed the headband and laughed at myself. At this time, I was struck with understanding of several key qualities an individual that works with youth must have to be successful.

Child-like excitement, confidence, and the ability to laugh at oneself are incredibly important abilities to have in my career path. I look forward to more “Chicken-Headband-esque” experiences, camps, and laughs during the remainder of my time with the Black Hawk County 4-H Program.




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