Poultry Ban Lifted & 4-H’ers Excitement Builds

Today, for the first time in three weeks, I logged onto WordPress to access my 4-H Intern Experience Blog. I’m in awe that I’ve not posted, updated, or shared a picture for 21 days.

Where has time gone and what have I been doing as it flew by?!

The Black Hawk County 4-H Staff Members are busy as bees in our location on University Avenue. Fair Registration is due on July 13th and coordinating with judges, volunteers, and community partners is under way. Individually, I have been working to recruit volunteers for fair week activities, coordinate with local businesses and organizations to host booths at our annual STEM Fair, and help 4-H families register their projects on the state and county levels.

My favorite experience of the last three weeks took place during a visit to a 4-H family’s farm. In June, I had the opportunity to host KWWL News at the Extension Office as well as at a 4-H member’s home.

During this time, I provided an overview of the effects the poultry show ban of 2015 had on our county fair, participation, and our livestock exhibitors. Two 4-H Members showcased their 2016 poultry stock and shared their excitement to have the opportunity to show again. It was fun to listen to them explain their interests and the management of their livestock.

After interviewing our county 4-H’ers, a short interview with Chase’s Father took place. I found this part of the process most beneficial to me as a staff member because it presented the opportunity to understand how a change in our fair schedule affected a parent and their family’s fair-week dynamic.

I was proud to find that this family used the poultry ban as an opportunity to explain bio-security measures and industry challenges for agriculturalists with a focus on poultry.

This, in essence, is a very important aspect of livestock portion of the Black Hawk County Fair: Adults partnering with youth provide an environment to learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills.

The Black Hawk County 4-H Program immensely enjoyed the opportunity to work with KWWL and showcase our dedicated 4-H members and their families. Check out the link below!



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