A Grateful Heart Sharing GREAT Thanks

With summer fun and Black Hawk County 4-H & FFA Fair in the rear view mirror, Black Hawk County 4-H families are diving into fall sports and school. Well busy families, me too! The transition between Black Hawk County Fair and moving back to Ames for my last year as an Iowa State student seemed almost non-existent. Switching gears from summer to fall can be challenging for many, and with fair almost far from mind I have several thank-you messages to share.

Thank you to the patient 4-H Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and families (I think that covers it) that made serving as Black Hawk County 4-H Intern so much fun this summer. It was a joy to learn about your family’s goals while getting ready for fair. The amount of knowledge and passion you have as guardians and parents have is incredible- I will never stop learning from you.

Endless thanks to all 4-H volunteers, Fair Board and Youth Committee  that worked to make this year’s fair a success! Staff received many compliments about this year’s fair showing growth from past years. Attendance was stronger than ever- I give the credit to the community of individuals that supports fair. Thank you for countless hours of your time, suggestions you’ve shared, and unending support of the county 4-H program.

Thank you to the Staff Members of Black Hawk County Extension and Outreach- you truly are a large part of why I love my experience in extension work. Your endless jokes, caring spirit, and servant hearts have set a great example for me as an employee and friend. PS- Thank you for keeping me humble, fed, and rested.

Lastly, thank you to the 4-H’ers I’ve worked for. Kindergarten through 12th grade-you are all awesome! I absolutely loved getting to know you this summer. The leadership, dedication, and love for 4-H exhibited made the each day fun. Watching you grow as a 4-H community has been a one-of-a-kind experience.

In case you thought summer ending meant “That Fair Intern” would stop sending you emails and calling to remind you about all the great opportunities 4-H has to offer-SURPRISE!

I have been offered the opportunity to continue my adventure with Black Hawk County 4-H as an AmeriCorps 4-H Member. This translates into another helpful hand for programs such as County Council, 4-H planning and communication, as well as hands-on 4-H Workshops!

You can keep up with Black Hawk County 4-H news and updates through my blog (greenlessonsgreenlife@wordpress.com), Black Hawk County Extension’s Facebook page, or the county 4-H website (listed in my blog). Please reach out to me through the “Contact” tab of my blog with questions, blog story ideas, or your favorite 4-H memory. Stay green!


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