4-H Workshops for Hands-On Learning, Life Skills, and Loads of Fun

Black Hawk County 4-H is excited to announce the coming of monthly workshops for county 4-H members! From creative arts to life skills, these workshops are intended to serve as stepping stones of personal growth and experience.

As one of your county Americorp members, I have been granted the opportunity to help plan these great experiences.

Opportunities include:

String Nail Art (October): Join us as we make great wall hangings from wood, small tacs, and colorful string! From green-string clovers to an abstract design straight from your imagination-this decoration will surely impress. This craft makes a GREAT 4-H project!

Wreath Making: A Service Project (November): Feeling the Holidays in November? Us too! At this workshop participants will create indoor or outdoor wreaths from supplies provided. Whether you choose ribbon, pinecones, or other assorted holiday decorations, you will have something to share with your family during the holiday season! The best part? Participants will create two wreaths, one to take home and one to donate for a nursing home resident!

Babysitting Basics (January): This workshop is designed for 6th-9th graders to gain the skills needed to work as a baby sitter. Expect first aid, activities by age, and preparation to be covered!

Pizza & Painting (February): Feeling Artsy? Join the Black Hawk County Extension Office for a night of socializing, pizza, and canvas painting. Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Brushes, and Pizza Provided!

All Things Green: Discover Horticulture (March): Do you love plants like plants love the sun? All things green will have hands-on planting and propagating activities while learning about plant parts, needs, and how to jumpstart your interests in plants!

TBA (April)

Cost (if any) and Age Requirements will be announced as each workshop nears. Pre-registration is required for members wishing to participate, simply email me at youth_esam@iastate.edu to sign up today of for more information.

The value of the hands-on experiences and time shared with other Black Hawk County 4-H Members is nearly immeasurable as 4-H recognizes hands-on learning as a primary value. Stay Green!


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