Celebrating Generosity and Achievements

Tuesday, October 4th, was not only the second day of National 4-H Week 2016 but served as Black Hawk County 4-H’s first “Thank-A-Thon”. 4-H members, county council-ers, community members, and 4-H staff joined together at the Black Hawk County Extension Office to call program donors and simply thank them for their support.

With nearly every desk at the BHC Office filled with a cheerful volunteer, the openhandedness of those who give financially to the county program were thanked via personal phone call. This experience was intended to be a celebration of Black Hawk 4-H’s friends and supporters.

Friends of 4-H and life-long supporters: YOU are an important part of the 4-H community. Thank you for never hesitating to support new ideas, new programs, and new activities for the 4-H youth of Black Hawk County.

In addition to spending October thanking and celebrating sponsors, the 4-H Staff Members, Leaders, and Volunteers prepare to celebrate the achievements of our 4-H’ers. 4-H’ers yearly Record Books have been turned and awards have been applied for. At this time, books will be reviewed and award winners will be selected.

Record Books are an important tool for youth to practice skills such as record keeping, comprehension, and reflection. Members include project records, comment sheets, fair project write-ups, pictures and more in their books. It is incredible to flip through the years documented in individual’s record books to watch 4-H’ers grow up and to see the growth documented from year to year.

Individuals completing a record book and additional award winners will be recognized at the Awards Banquet on November 20th. The Awards Banquet is free and attendance is encouraged for 4-H’ers and 4-H families alike.


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