Reviewing Records, Sharing Lessons

The conference room across the hall from the Black Hawk County Extension Office at 3420 University Ave is currently stacked with binders upon binders of memories, reflections, and lessons learned.

How is this possible? Well friends, Black Hawk County’s 4-H’ers record books are currently being reviewed by Staff and Volunteers. Volunteers review members’ project record keeping forms, yearly 4-H summary and photos of 4-H activities to learn about their experiences in the past year of 4-H. From club presentations to exhibiting at 4-H & FFA Fair, members have the opportunity to communicate the skills they gained as a 2016 4-H’er.

The objectives for youth while they create their books include: learning to set goals and create plans for action, gaining competency in written communication, and marketing personal professional skills through exhibiting growth on a yearly basis.

Record books serve as a great resource for members to rewind to their first year with 4-H and share the lessons they have learned long since through their involvement with the county 4-H program. Soon, the well-reviewed mounds of record books will return to their rightful owners for safe keeping until the next year’s additions.

Record book awards will be shared during Black Hawk County’s 4-H Awards Banquet on November 20th at Electric Park Ballroom.


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