Getting into the Holiday Groove with Wreath Making

What do you get when you combine a room full of craft supplies with 27 4-H members ranging from clover kid to supporting parent? Although it sounds like the start of an ironic joke, I can assure you that it is not!

Black Hawk County 4-H’s Wreath-Making Workshop on Saturday, November 19th, brought 27 participants to the Extension Office in Waterloo for a one-of-a-kind crafting experience. In just two hours, over 20 wire frames were transformed into unique wreaths and 15 greenery wreaths into ornamental master pieces.

At the end of the workshop, nearly twenty wreaths were completed with hand-written cards to be donated to the La Porte City Nursing Home.

The Citizenship component of this workshop was incredibly well-received, with each participant donating a wreath to the cause. 4-H Member’s letters to residents reflected their hopes of a cheerful holiday season and several mentions of the man in the red suit (Santa).

To see pictures of the event, view the “Photography” tab above or visit the Black Hawk County 4-H Website at .


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