Sharing a Love of Pizza & Painting

Paint, Pizza, Smiles, Messes, Decision Making, and……. an Awesome Final Project!

On December 29th Black Hawk County 4-H hosted its annual “Paint and Pizza”. 5 Youth participants were accompanied by 3 Adult participants and 2 County Council Volunteers.

The Process

Participants chose a 4-12 word phrase or saying to showcase on their canvas. After the wavy lines and letters were outlined, they chose 3-4 paint colors to decorate the pieces of their now-abstract design. After each section was painted, letters and lines were re-outlined with black to create contrast.

The Skills

Participants learned about Art Principles, Elements of Design, and the color wheel while creating a Wavy Words Canvas. Additionally, members gained decision making skills and communication skills while building a network of 4-H members with similar interests.

Check out these fun pictures!

From “Keep Calm and Spaghetti On” to various verses and even a phrase about a love of cats, members let their personalities shine at this workshop!


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