Introducing the 2017 Fair Theme…

From the cattle theme of “Moo-ving Into the Future” to our classic carnival-oriented “Ticket to Fun”,  and the popular 2016 theme of “What Does the Fair Say?!”… Black Hawk County 4-H’s fair themes impress!

Similar to the fun of past years, 2017 will be no exception. The theme, chosen by the Black Hawk County 4-H’s County Council Members, will be widely used for advertisements, parade floats, and the fair in July.

The 2017 Black Hawk County Fair Theme is……(drum roll!)….. Blue Ribbon Memories!

The logo was designed by Judy Muniz at the Black Hawk County Extension Office. With the logo starring a large Blue Ribbon, the theme is intended to encourage 4-H members, families, and alumni to reflect on their 4-H experiences while sharing memories and lessons learned.

Mark your calendars for the Black Hawk County Fair on July 25-29 and stay in touch with Black Hawk County 4-H as we release the official fair schedule and events for this spring by visiting their website and Facebook page!



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