Mixed Media brings Glitter, Decisions and Friends Together

4 table cloths, two eight-foot tables of craft supplies, two pizzas, and seven master-artists in the making makes for a fun night with Black Hawk County 4-H!

Our mixed media workshop was held on February 24th at the Black Hawk County Extension Office. Two staff members and a County Council Volunteer welcomed participants, passed out paint shirts and presented a short lesson on Design Elements and Principles of Design. After that, the fun began!

The first step of the project was to paint the canvas. Participants identified cool and warm colors and chose three to use as the back ground. Mentors placed dots of paint on the canvas and helped members use parallel paint strokes. The first step was left to dry as pizza was enjoyed!

Next, members started layering tissue paper and scrapbook paper (all donated!) onto the canvas with modge-podge. This was an important step as a tool for learning. Participants learned about themselves as some struggled with discourse while others basked in the opportunity to explore their creative side. This opportunity to practice decision making and confidence was beneficial in our safe, anything-goes environment of creation!

When the first layer of modge-podge dried, participants outlined a bird template and began to tear paper to layer in the bird shape. We had everything from a proud cardinal and goldfinch to pink birds with pearl eyes and necklaces. Artist’s personalities were evident as they created their masterpiece.

After projects were finished, participants  completed the second part of their survey and created a bookmark to share with a grandparent or friend as a conversation starter about what they learned.

In addition to helping our participants and watching them enjoy their experience, it was a joy to see our County Council Volunteer in action. Senior 4-H members serving as mentors to younger youth is key to the success of a strongly-knit 4-H community. I was incredibly impressed with our volunteer’s knowledge of art, ability to communicate with others, and overall willingness to be flexible and help out when needed!

To learn more about upcoming workshops, check out our facebook page or website! If you want to learn more about 4-H or would like to be connected to a 4-H program or club close to your home, give us a call or drop by our office.

Click the pictures below to see our Mixed Media fun!


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