Reset with Black Hawk County 4-H


How is your New Year’s Resolution going?

If you are anything like me, you’ve thought about going back to your old ways several times or at least seriously considered picking up a new “March New Year’s Resolution” instead of the initial resolution you planned.

If you find this sounding familiar, keep reading…

Okay, so… losing weight, making healthy choices, giving up an activity, or trying something new did not work out-this is no failure, it is a redirection! I urge you to embrace your “March Resolution” as an opportunity to pick up a new habit and volunteer with Black Hawk County 4-H or, if you have a family, consider joining our 4-H program.

Black Hawk County 4-H is free for Clover 4-H Members (Kindergarten-3rd Grade) and the annual registration fee for 4th-12th grade members is $15… A YEAR! You can sign your family up by contacting the Black Hawk County 4-H Office. Once you sign up, we will keep you updated with area and state events by email, regular mail, or Facebook.

Black Hawk County 4-H has 28 4-H Clubs with great members and leaders to choose from! We will be sure to help you connect with a club and Mentor or 4-H Leader. Clubs meet monthly around the county to volunteer and network. In addition to citizenship 4-H clubs we have six Specialty 4-H Clubs including Photography Club, Dog Obedience, Horse & Pony Club, Independent Members, Shooting Sports, and Archery.

Have I not yet convinced you? Try out our program by shadowing a 4-H club meeting or participating in a Challenge Class at this year’s Black Hawk County Fair in July. No registration or commitment required.

To become an event or ongoing volunteer please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Abby Rippe, by email.

If you are interested in contacting the Black Hawk County 4-H Staff please call 319.234.6811 or visit our website. To view program success and events, visit us on Facebook by searching “Black Hawk County Outreach & 4-H”.


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