4-H’ers Grow Green Thumbs

March may have blessed Waterloo with 10-inches of cold, heavy snow but Black Hawk County’s 4-H’ers know how to tempt spring!

Black Hawk County 4-H hosted 16 4-H Members, 2 potential 4-H’ers, and 10 parents at the Fairy Garden Workshop on March 18th. The workshop was a joint effort between 4-H Staff and Sheila Sartorius, Extension Staff Member at the Dick Young Greenhouse.

Participants learned about soil, planting, propagation, and succulent plant care throughout the duration of the workshop. The final product was a beautiful fairy garden to use in the Challenge Class portion of the 2017 Black Hawk County 4-H and FFA Fair in July.

In addition to the plants (donated by Harmony House of Waterloo) in the gardens, participants used figurines, pebbles, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and more to create a home for whatever visitors may pass through! I could tell you more about resources used and lessons learned, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the attached pictures to learn about our fun!

For information about joining 4-H, volunteering with 4-H, or upcoming events: Please visit our website or call the 4-H Staff at 319-234-6811.



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