Black Hawk County Celebrates 4-H Leaders

The secret to the success of Black Hawk County 4-H doesn’t center one one key effort; instead, it is a compilation of countless hours and efforts from volunteers, staff, families, and leaders.

On March 31, we took time to celebrate our dedicated leaders with our first-ever “Leader’s Extravaganza Appreciation Dinner”. Seven leaders met at the Extension Office for a delicious home-made meal, networking, and freebies for their club!

Leader’s had the opportunity to share the challenges they face in their role while letting 4-H Staff know how to better support the 4-H Clubs of Black Hawk County. Additionally, leaders received program updates, membership requirements that were updated, and received a forward-looking prediction of what the 2017 Black Hawk County Fair season would bring.

Our 4-H leaders are the keepers of tradition, encourage-rs of creative minds, and the rock behind the 4-H Program.

For more information about becoming a 4-H leader or joining 4-H, please visit our website or call the Black Hawk County Extension Office.



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