Sewing Skills: 4-H Projects and More!


Black Hawk County 4-H’s April Workshop offers a brand new experience!

With the help of 4-H Staff and skilled volunteers, 4-H’ers will create an apron out of a button down shirt. Additionally, youth will create their very one button-bookmark!

4-H’ers will learn basic sewing skills (operating a sewing machine, pinning, sewing a button, etc.) while creating fun items and potential 4-H projects. This project is for individuals in grades 4-12. 4-H’ers will be utilizing scissors, pins, sewing needles, and a sewing machine.

Special Note: A men’s button-down shirt will be the material for this project. Participants are welcome to bring a family member’s shirt (e.g. Dad, Grandpa) to use. 4-H Staff will have shirts available for those who prefer not to provide a shirt.

4-H members can register to participate in the Sewing Skills Workshop by emailing

When: April 29th, 9:00-11:00 AM

Where: Black Hawk County Extension and Outreach, Conference Room A

Cost: Free!


See our test project below!



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