Happy Extension Week!

Merry Extension Week! Wait, that’s not right… Happy Extension Week? Either way, it is almost Extension Week!

Black Hawk County residents are beginning to explore what Iowa State University Extension and Outreach can do for them!

At Extension and Outreach, we do more than 4-H. The office in Waterloo houses programs supporting families, food security, urban agriculture, volunteers, 4-H (obviously!) and so much more!

We want to share our resources with you! Join us at the Black Hawk County Extension and Outreach Office April 17-22. We are just one of one-hundred offices throughout Iowa that will be sharing Iowa State’s land-grant legacy with community members and visitors.

Stop by to check out our programs, find out what resources you can benefit from, and take some freebies! Also, pick up your free soil sample kit for your yard or garden.

Voting for the 4-H “Hug a Furry Friend” Photo Contest is located in the staff-appointed “Extension Week Party Room“. We will also be having an oatmeal-based cooking contest. Don’t miss out!


Check out our county website HERE or find your county’s office!



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