BHC 4-H Aims to Donate 1,000 POUNDS of Poultry in 2017!

Tulips, Easter bunnies, and chicks… spring is in the air, and spring is on our minds!

For many families, spring means more time to play outside, starting a garden, or time at the pool. However, for 15 of our 4-H families spring means baby chicks…by the dozens!

Each year, 4-H’ers register to be part of Black Hawk County 4-H’s Broiler Chick project. Members can register for batches of 20 chicks for $20.00. If members choose to donate a portion of their chicks to the Northeast Iowa Foodbank, they receive a free bag of chick feed!

In July, once the chicks are full-grown,  4-H’ers bring pens of their now full-grown chicks to fair to show and receive their initial $20.00 investment back.

In 2016, Black Hawk County 4-H’ers donated 890 pounds of frozen poultry to the food bank! This year, we are trying to break 1,000 pounds for donation! Chick orders should be made by May 12th. Chicks will be available for pick up at Dusk to Dawn in early June.

To register for broiler chicks call the Black Hawk County Extension Office!



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