Sewing Success

With the weather cool and rain in the forecast, it was the perfect day for a craft!

Black Hawk County 4-H hosted a Sewing Skills workshop on April 29th from 9:00-11:00 AM. At the workshop, which was free, 4-H and non-4-H participants created aprons out of button down shirts and nifty button bookmarks out of ribbon, buttons, and elastic.

The process was fun and included many hands-on learning opportunities. First, participants chose a shirt, ironed the item, and cut the sleeves off at a curved angle. After this, edges were pinned and ironed—we were ready to sew!

None of the participants were experienced with sewing, so they practiced with pedal speed and technique on blocks of scrap fabric. After some practice, they began to sew the previously pinned sections. This process took some time and jumping between steps, but soon enough they were choosing their ribbon for the tie! Once the ribbon was secure, their project was completed!

Youth also had the opportunity to learn to sew a button while making their nifty bookmark. Check out the pictures below for a more detailed depiction of the craft’s process.

This gathering marked the seventh skills-based workshop hosted by the Black Hawk County 4-H program since October. We love giving youth the opportunity to learn a new skill, exercise their creative side, meet new friends, and stretch their critical thinking skills.

For more upcoming opportunities with Black Hawk County 4-H, visit our website or drop by to say hello!20170429_09322420170429_095701DSCN8132DSCN8133DSCN8134DSCN8135DSCN8137DSCN8139DSCN8141DSCN8144DSCN8146DSCN8148DSCN8152DSCN8155DSCN8157DSCN8158DSCN8159DSCN8161DSCN8162DSCN8163


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