BHC 4-H’s Flocks of 4-H’ers, Goats, and Lambs!

May means many things to many people- the end of the school year for tired teachers, time to plant for farmers and gardeners alike, and for my family: our annual trip to Black Hawk County 4-H’s Sheep and Goat weigh in.

For the nearly 14 years, my parents, siblings and I loaded up into the truck with a trailer of sheep and goats at 7 AM to head to 4-H Sheep and Goat Weigh-In. Recently, due to graduation of my siblings and I, we attended as volunteers. Unfortunately, my family was unable to volunteer this year—and we sure missed the opportunity!

Luckily, this did not keep 4-H families away! Black Hawk County weighed 41 show lambs and 48 meat goats for the fair in July. In June, these animals will be placed into classes to be shown for fair. Once fair rolls around in July, youth will weigh their animals at check in and staff will calculate rate of gain for each animal.

The sheep and goat project area offers the unique experience to learn about raising livestock, animal health and care, bio-security and livestock products, show skills, dedication, and showmanship. In Black Hawk County, members can start as soon as kindergarten with a halter-led bottle lamb (taken into the ring with a mentor if needed).

Black Hawk County’s 4-H and FFA Fair is July 25th-29th with the goat and sheep shows on July 26th. Join us at the Paul Barger Building on the National Cattle Congress Grounds in Waterloo to watch youth exhibit their goats and lambs while sharing their passion.


To learn more about 4-H livestock or to become involved in Black Hawk County 4-H, please visit our website or reach out to us today!


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