Farm Safety Day-Lessons to Remember!

Why should you wear a helmet when you ride a bike? What does being safe while mowing the lawn look like? What are do you say if you have to call 9-1-1 during an emergency?

These are all questions that were answered by volunteers and professionals at Hudson Elementary at Farm Safety Day in May.

Each year, Black Hawk County 4-H hosts a Progressive Agriculture Farm Safety Day at a rural school in the county. Safety Day rotates annually between Hudson, Union Community Schools, and Dunkerton. The goal of this event is to educate youth about personal safety at their home, farm, or friends house.

Farm Safety Day lessons vary from water safety taught by the DNR, fire and ambulance safety taught by the local volunteer fire department, or bike safety taught by a local business owner. This list is short compared to the options for presentation schools have each year.

This year, Black Hawk County 4-H served over 400 youth grades kindergarten-sixth while providing nearly 15 lessons in safety at their location in Hudson, Iowa. Lessons were taught by over 20 volunteers!

The 2017 Safety Day was a great success due to our volunteers, the Hudson School district, and the efforts of our safety day coordinators. Check out the fun pictures below!



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